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National elevator quality supervision and inspection center (guangdong) (hereinafter referred to as the center of the elevator) depends on the construction of special equipment inspection institute of guangdong province, completed in November 11, 2011, is authorized by general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine six elevator type testing institutions, one of the first batch of science and technology achievements transformation base is the national quality control system and the elevator safety of guangdong province department of key laboratory of new technology.

In terms of laboratory construction, the elevator center has 55 full-time staff, including 42 engineers engaged in technical work, accounting for 76.36%, and 30.91% of the number of senior technical staff. The laboratory covers an area of 6,600 square meters, with more than 20 professional testing rooms and 46 sets of self-developed special instruments and equipment, and a number of special instruments and equipment, such as "elevator safety clamp, buffer, speed limiter dynamic clamping force three in one test tower", have occupied the leading position in the industry.

In terms of inspection and testing, the elevator center has won 48 projects recognized by CNAS, with the coverage rate of inspection and testing reaching 100%. It is committed to breaking through the technical bottleneck of inspection and testing, overcoming major technical problems such as oblique elevators, curved track elevators, desert escalators, 21m/s ultra-high-speed elevators, and providing diversified inspection services for elevator enterprises. We are also invited to provide strong security guarantee for the 2016 G20 summit in hangzhou, China, the 9th brics summit in 2017, 2017 guangzhou wealth BBS, 2018 youth island cooperation summit, 2018 guangzhou wealth BBS and other large international conference venues.


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